Top five weather forecasting sites

weather forecasting sites

weather forecasting sites

Internet is a great and vast way of getting information and updates about everything. You can get weather forecasts whenever required. Weather forecasting websites make it easier to predict accurate and precise weather conditions. Some best weather forecasting websites are as follows:

1)     The weather Channel

On weather channel you can get latest forecasts for any location. The thing you have to do is just to choose your location and the forecast is displayed. The forecasts displayed on this site are precise and accurate. For getting weather forecast about U.S.A, you just need to enter your zip code, town or state in ‘Find weather’ bar. The forecast would be displayed.

You can also view videos, photos, news, live TV and forecasts about hurricanes on this site. It helps you plan your activities according to weather conditions just in a couple of seconds.

You can view severe alerts made by the experts on the map. This feature lets you updated every time. News about health, gardening, travel, environment and sports could be found under the news section.

You can find the site at:

2)     National hurricane center

This national weather service website is very useful and easily understandable. You can see current weather conditions as well as future forecasts made by experts. It tracks weather changes for Eastern Pacific and Atlantic. It has many alternate formats for viewing forecasts like Mobile, RSS, email and text.

The forecasts available on this site include cyclone and marine forecasts, which are further categorized to latest advisories, past advisories, audio, podcasts and about advisories. Marine forecasts are categorized to Atlantic, Pacific and gridded marine. This categorization makes it easy for users to predict weather conditions more precisely and accurately.

Tools and data section include satellite, radar, analysis tools, aircraft recon, GIS datasets and data archive. You can view the forecast either by city, state or zip code.

You can find this site at:

3)     Weather underground

This great website displays you precise forecasts for your area. Under maps and radar section, you can find radar maps, interactive radar, interactive satellite and maps catalog. There is a severe weather section too, under which you can find hurricane and tropical cyclones, wildfires and weather alerts. These alerts make you prepared for the upcoming weather conditions.

The photos and videos section include webcams and videos. It provides underground photos for its users, taken by experts, which is its good and remarkable feature. Mobile apps are also available for this site. Its attractive display of weather forecast makes it easy for the users to understand the forecasts completely. It is found to be a well rated website by its users.

You can find this site at:

4)     NOAA National weather service

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s National Weather Service is one of the best weather forecasting websites. You can customize weather by entering your city, state or zip code in the search bar. This site provides a detailed forecast in an easily understandable format. This is a user friendly site providing precise forecasts to its users.

You can find local, graphical, aviation, marine, rivers and lakes, hurricanes, severe weather, fire weather and sun/moon forecasts under forecasts section. This wide range of forecasts provide you very keen information of upcoming weather conditions. You can also view past records and astronomical data on this site for comparing new weather conditions with the past ones.

You can get a sense of air quality, which is helpful for youngsters, elders and children having allergies or asthma problems. The satellite information lets you see how often is weather changing and what changes are being made in weather.

You can find this site at:

5)     CNN weather forecasts

The CNN weather forecasts lets you know about the weather conditions anywhere in the world. It is one of the top weather forecasting websites that provides you a wide range of news and updates. It provides travelling forecasts too, which let you decide whether to travel to a specific place or not. It provides you different opinions and features.

The most important feature of the site is that you don’t need to study the forecast description, its great forecast depiction and display lets you easily understand the weather conditions without reading the description. Sunset, sunrise, wind speed and humidity are also precisely predicted on this site, which enhances its forecast quality a lot.

You can choose region of your choice from the regions section, for which the forecast is to be viewed. This website is well rated by its users and is user friendly.

You can find this site at:

Source: Weather Station Expert