Everlast PowerTig 315LX Review

tig-welderThe Everlast PowerTig 315LX is a dual voltage powerful TIG and Stick welder that has been specially designed for heavy commercial applications. This welding tool has IGBT based inverter technology and it offers an industrial heavy duty cycle of 60% at 315 A. The Everlast PowerTig 315LX welder is designed and manufactured to provide production welding and it operates at either 208 volts or 240 volts input power outlet. This welder features a leading AC frequency of 20 to 500 Hz and additional pulse frequency of 750 Hz. with around 70 pounds weight, this welding tool is easily transportable. The Everlast PowerTig 315LX has many tempting features that makes it not only a powerful unit but also versatile and reliable.

Special features

  • 20 amp AC and 10 amp DC
  • Heavy duty cycle of 60% at maximum 315 amps.
  • 2T or 4T up and down slope operation for welding with the torch switch for user convenience.
  • Operates at dual input voltage of either 208 volts or 240 volts.
  • Pre flow and Post flow control offers efficient shielding gas protection before and after each weld.
  • High Frequency or Lift TIG starts with improved High Frequency start circuit.
  • Expanded AC frequency ranges from 20 Hz up to 500 Hz.
  • Pulse frequency of up to 750 Hz for maximum arc performance and accurate heat control.
  • Heavy duty design and construction of the welder retains portability in industrial conditions and allows the user to transport the tool to remote areas.


The Everlast PowerTig 315LX welding tool can be used for TIG and Stick welding, which makes it a widely used dual voltage welding unit. It can weld materials made from steel, stainless Steel, chrome moly aluminum, copper, titanium and virtually any metal. This welding tool can TIG weld thin steel materials as thin as 0.013 inch and as thick as 5/8 inch in single pass and in multiple passes, it can weld more than 1 inch steel as well as aluminum; for aluminum materials, it can weld as thin as 0.023 inch. The Everlast PowerTig 315LX welder is recommended for various welding work sites such as production or assembly line welding, fabrication shops or prototyping, shipyards, pipeline, construction, power source for CNC welders and much more.

Benefits and limitations

The advanced type square wave inverter output makes this welding tool tremendously precise and versatile than any other TIG/Stick welder in its class. The square wave feature yields extremely stable and great arc performance with exceptional puddle wet in by providing true industrial duty cycle. The wide range of frequency options for both AC and pulse allows the tool to keep pace with the most demanding requirements of welding. The dual voltage design allows the user to set the voltage according to the type of materials and welding. AC/DC feature allows the welder to be used for most of the industrial jobs.

Due to its inverter design, the Everlast PowerTig 315LX welding tool has been manufactured small size and light weight, which makes the tool easily portable and it can be used in remote work sites where the materials to be welded cannot be transported to the welder. The adjustable weld parameters for 2t/4t operations allow the user to adjust the welding torch according to the situation. This welding device has pulse function that increases the weld quality and it also reduces the overall heat input during high frequency weld. The quick style connectors allow fast setup of the unit.

One most important disadvantage of this welding machine is that it cannot be used in normal household power supply as this might not work up to the mark and it is designed very advanced specially for industrial use. The Everlast PowerTig 315LX welding tool is meant only for the high quality TIG or Stick weld and it is not capable for simple MIG or flux cored welding.


The Everlast PowerTig 315LX welder comes complete with some additional items;

  • 12 ft. Everlast Series 18 TIG torch with series 35 DINSE style connectors and torch switch
  • Everlast regulator made from billet brass
  • Stick electrode holder with 10 ft. long cable
  • 6 ft long Power input cable
  • Work clamp with 10 ft. long cable
  • Foot pedal
  • Consumable starter kit


This welder is a powerful tool packed with awesome and industrial features. With a slightly high price, this device is an ideal choice for TIG or Stick welding professionals.

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