Everlast PowerTig 315LX Review

tig-welderThe Everlast PowerTig 315LX is a dual voltage powerful TIG and Stick welder that has been specially designed for heavy commercial applications. This welding tool has IGBT based inverter technology and it offers an industrial heavy duty cycle of 60% at 315 A. The Everlast PowerTig 315LX welder is designed and manufactured to provide production welding and it operates at either 208 volts or 240 volts input power outlet. This welder features a leading AC frequency of 20 to 500 Hz and additional pulse frequency of 750 Hz. with around 70 pounds weight, this welding tool is easily transportable. The Everlast PowerTig 315LX has many tempting features that makes it not only a powerful unit but also versatile and reliable.

Special features

  • 20 amp AC and 10 amp DC
  • Heavy duty cycle of 60% at maximum 315 amps.
  • 2T or 4T up and down slope operation for welding with the torch switch for user convenience.
  • Operates at dual input voltage of either 208 volts or 240 volts.
  • Pre flow and Post flow control offers efficient shielding gas protection before and after each weld.
  • High Frequency or Lift TIG starts with improved High Frequency start circuit.
  • Expanded AC frequency ranges from 20 Hz up to 500 Hz.
  • Pulse frequency of up to 750 Hz for maximum arc performance and accurate heat control.
  • Heavy duty design and construction of the welder retains portability in industrial conditions and allows the user to transport the tool to remote areas.


The Everlast PowerTig 315LX welding tool can be used for TIG and Stick welding, which makes it a widely used dual voltage welding unit. It can weld materials made from steel, stainless Steel, chrome moly aluminum, copper, titanium and virtually any metal. This welding tool can TIG weld thin steel materials as thin as 0.013 inch and as thick as 5/8 inch in single pass and in multiple passes, it can weld more than 1 inch steel as well as aluminum; for aluminum materials, it can weld as thin as 0.023 inch. The Everlast PowerTig 315LX welder is recommended for various welding work sites such as production or assembly line welding, fabrication shops or prototyping, shipyards, pipeline, construction, power source for CNC welders and much more.

Benefits and limitations

The advanced type square wave inverter output makes this welding tool tremendously precise and versatile than any other TIG/Stick welder in its class. The square wave feature yields extremely stable and great arc performance with exceptional puddle wet in by providing true industrial duty cycle. The wide range of frequency options for both AC and pulse allows the tool to keep pace with the most demanding requirements of welding. The dual voltage design allows the user to set the voltage according to the type of materials and welding. AC/DC feature allows the welder to be used for most of the industrial jobs.

Due to its inverter design, the Everlast PowerTig 315LX welding tool has been manufactured small size and light weight, which makes the tool easily portable and it can be used in remote work sites where the materials to be welded cannot be transported to the welder. The adjustable weld parameters for 2t/4t operations allow the user to adjust the welding torch according to the situation. This welding device has pulse function that increases the weld quality and it also reduces the overall heat input during high frequency weld. The quick style connectors allow fast setup of the unit.

One most important disadvantage of this welding machine is that it cannot be used in normal household power supply as this might not work up to the mark and it is designed very advanced specially for industrial use. The Everlast PowerTig 315LX welding tool is meant only for the high quality TIG or Stick weld and it is not capable for simple MIG or flux cored welding.


The Everlast PowerTig 315LX welder comes complete with some additional items;

  • 12 ft. Everlast Series 18 TIG torch with series 35 DINSE style connectors and torch switch
  • Everlast regulator made from billet brass
  • Stick electrode holder with 10 ft. long cable
  • 6 ft long Power input cable
  • Work clamp with 10 ft. long cable
  • Foot pedal
  • Consumable starter kit


This welder is a powerful tool packed with awesome and industrial features. With a slightly high price, this device is an ideal choice for TIG or Stick welding professionals.

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Choosing the best motorcycle

buying a motorcycleChoosing a motorcycle for the first time is a big deal for a beginner. People are often influenced by colorful brochures they see at a motorcycle. A diverse variety of motorcycles is available in market making it more difficult to decide the best for you. Actually all configurations are best in some ways, but you must consider what kind of motorcycle fits best to your personality and needs.

Firstly, you should exactly know what you actually want in a motorcycle. Do you want some sporty stuff or something that just fulfills your needs? Spend some hours deciding what an ideal motorcycle should do for you or what features you may want in your bike? The answers to these questions will lead you to exactly what you want and you may come to know your choice for a motorcycle.

What to consider while buying a motorcycle?

·        Consider your needs

Consider the basic reason for what you are going to buy a motorcycle. Are you willing to buy a sporty bike for you? Or are you looking for something to cover long distances? Motorcycles are designed in different shapes and sizes. You must pick something that would fulfill your needs for a motorcycle.

·        Does it fits and suits your body?

While buying a motorcycle you must think about your figure and shape of motorcycle. Would you feel easy while driving? Would it be suitable for your physique? Knowing the shape and size of motorcycle, you may decide whether you should go for it or not.

·        Knowing your options

There are a number of choices in motorcycles if it comes to types, shapes and sizes, offering a number of choices. You must know exactly what choice exactly fits your style. Once you come to know it, it would be definitely easy for you to pick the right one for yourself.

·        Consider your budget

While planning to buy a motorcycle, don’t forget that it would add expenses to your budget too. Additional expenses include helmet, gloves and maintenance. Maintenance cost may vary widely. You must pick a bike which suits your expenses. You must estimate all expenses before choosing your bike, to keep yourself in a budget safety zone.

·        Size matters

Size and shapes of motorcycles matter a lot. You must think for a while that whether you would feel easy while riding it? Would it be easy for you to control it in high speed? If your figure is too slim to handle a big bike, then it would be really difficult for you to commit to it for a long time.

The most important and biggest considerations about the size of bike are height and weight of its seat. Never pick a bike that’s too high for you to touch your feet on ground while riding it. Its weight counts a lot here, because it must be safely balanced by you.

·        Engine size matters

Engine size is of great importance to be considered while buying a motorcycle. Its engine should not be much powerful that is way beyond your skill set. Up till now the largest engine available in market is 650cc range.

·        Characteristics matter

The characteristics of a bike matter a lot. You must know how much speed is easily controllable for you. If you buy a bike whose speed is much more than your controlling power then results can be disastrous. You must know basic characteristics of bike, its upper and lower speed limits and engine.

A good bike to consider

While searching online for ideas for getting ideal motorcycle is a good idea. The online experts’ advice helps you a lot towards considering a new bike, as they have been experienced before and would tell you much better than you would think and consider yourself.

One of most highly recommended bikes is 250cc. It has good characteristic features, good handling and sufficient power range. It is best suitable for a new biker. It would take away your hesitation of riding a bike and would improve your driving skills. It has good acceleration line and is stable to be taken through highways. Its top speed is 80 mph.

The above described facts would definitely help you buying the best suitable bike for yourself.

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Top five weather forecasting sites

weather forecasting sites

weather forecasting sites

Internet is a great and vast way of getting information and updates about everything. You can get weather forecasts whenever required. Weather forecasting websites make it easier to predict accurate and precise weather conditions. Some best weather forecasting websites are as follows:

1)     The weather Channel

On weather channel you can get latest forecasts for any location. The thing you have to do is just to choose your location and the forecast is displayed. The forecasts displayed on this site are precise and accurate. For getting weather forecast about U.S.A, you just need to enter your zip code, town or state in ‘Find weather’ bar. The forecast would be displayed.

You can also view videos, photos, news, live TV and forecasts about hurricanes on this site. It helps you plan your activities according to weather conditions just in a couple of seconds.

You can view severe alerts made by the experts on the map. This feature lets you updated every time. News about health, gardening, travel, environment and sports could be found under the news section.

You can find the site at: http://www.weather.com/

2)     National hurricane center

This national weather service website is very useful and easily understandable. You can see current weather conditions as well as future forecasts made by experts. It tracks weather changes for Eastern Pacific and Atlantic. It has many alternate formats for viewing forecasts like Mobile, RSS, email and text.

The forecasts available on this site include cyclone and marine forecasts, which are further categorized to latest advisories, past advisories, audio, podcasts and about advisories. Marine forecasts are categorized to Atlantic, Pacific and gridded marine. This categorization makes it easy for users to predict weather conditions more precisely and accurately.

Tools and data section include satellite, radar, analysis tools, aircraft recon, GIS datasets and data archive. You can view the forecast either by city, state or zip code.

You can find this site at: http://www.nhc.noaa.gov/

3)     Weather underground

This great website displays you precise forecasts for your area. Under maps and radar section, you can find radar maps, interactive radar, interactive satellite and maps catalog. There is a severe weather section too, under which you can find hurricane and tropical cyclones, wildfires and weather alerts. These alerts make you prepared for the upcoming weather conditions.

The photos and videos section include webcams and videos. It provides underground photos for its users, taken by experts, which is its good and remarkable feature. Mobile apps are also available for this site. Its attractive display of weather forecast makes it easy for the users to understand the forecasts completely. It is found to be a well rated website by its users.

You can find this site at: http://www.wunderground.com/

4)     NOAA National weather service

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s National Weather Service is one of the best weather forecasting websites. You can customize weather by entering your city, state or zip code in the search bar. This site provides a detailed forecast in an easily understandable format. This is a user friendly site providing precise forecasts to its users.

You can find local, graphical, aviation, marine, rivers and lakes, hurricanes, severe weather, fire weather and sun/moon forecasts under forecasts section. This wide range of forecasts provide you very keen information of upcoming weather conditions. You can also view past records and astronomical data on this site for comparing new weather conditions with the past ones.

You can get a sense of air quality, which is helpful for youngsters, elders and children having allergies or asthma problems. The satellite information lets you see how often is weather changing and what changes are being made in weather.

You can find this site at: http://www.weather.gov/

5)     CNN weather forecasts

The CNN weather forecasts lets you know about the weather conditions anywhere in the world. It is one of the top weather forecasting websites that provides you a wide range of news and updates. It provides travelling forecasts too, which let you decide whether to travel to a specific place or not. It provides you different opinions and features.

The most important feature of the site is that you don’t need to study the forecast description, its great forecast depiction and display lets you easily understand the weather conditions without reading the description. Sunset, sunrise, wind speed and humidity are also precisely predicted on this site, which enhances its forecast quality a lot.

You can choose region of your choice from the regions section, for which the forecast is to be viewed. This website is well rated by its users and is user friendly.

You can find this site at: http://weather.cnn.com/weather/forecast.jsp

Source: Weather Station Expert


Machinery for Self-fencing your Beautiful Garden

Everyone wants to have a beautiful garden surrounded by a strong fence, keeping away animals and kids from spoiling the view.

You can decide which type of fence you want for your garden. Many people purchase readymade fences, but some simply have the craze to do everything by themselves.

If you want to make your own fence, you will need many machinery and equipments, depending on what type of fence you want; either wood or metal. Here are the few necessary machines;

  • Fence making machine
  • Fence post making machine
  • Driller, nails, screws and hinges
  • Earth drilling machine
  • Fence painting machine

Beautiful garden

Making a fence was not easy earlier, but now, with the advance technologies, you are just few bucks away from the first step. All you need is money and some materials like wood and wire depending on the type of fence you want.

It’s not important that you need to buy or own the machines; you can also rent it, as there are many rental shops that rent you the necessary machines for a very less price.

Before getting started, you must have the knowledge of the machines and how they work.

Fence making machine

It depends on what type of fence you want. For wood fencing, you can get a wood fence making machine. It requires a bunch of woods. The woods are placed in the machine which is cut into equal size and shape. Remember to have the woods of same length.

In case you want wire fencing, you can get a chain link fence machine. All you need to do is place the wires as advised and the wires will be linked together and will make a link fence.

Always prefer an automatic machine, as it will make the work easier.

Fence Post making machine

Post is a vital part of a fence. It supports the fence and prevents it from getting off balance. You will need a mixture of sand, cement, water and stones, which is placed in the machine that automatically forms the pillar in perfect size and shape.

Driller, nails, screws and hinges

Driller is a necessary item to make hole in the fence post and the wooden fences. Nails and screw can be used to fix the hinges that connect those. In case it is a wire fence, extra wires can be used to join the fence to the post.

Earth drilling machine

After finishing the making of fence and the pillars, you will have to install the fence. For this, you need to dig holes in the earth in order to fix the fence post deep into the ground. It is a matter of hard work. But if you have Earth drilling machine, it won’t take much labor and time. Earth drilling machine makes the process very easy. You should not forget to measure and mark the spots where the drilling is required. Then you can start drilling the earth with the automated machine. All you need to do is place the tip of the driller at the marked spot.

After the drilling is complete, you can place the fence posts that are fixed with the fence, to the ground.

Painting machine

Decorating the fence or coloring it, will make the garden look more attractive. You don’t have to color the fence one by one slowly or make your hands dirty. All you need to do is, get a spray paint machine, select the color and point the tip towards the fence. The machine will spray the color throughout the fence and you can cover up the whole fence with your favorite color.

Self-fencing your garden is very easy, if you have the necessary machines. A little bit of hard work, and you get a satisfactory result.